Day 1

Day 1: Resident Coffee Roasters (H1)


Welcome to Day 1. Yes, we're starting off big with a fruit bomb from Resident Coffee. Resident Coffee is a delicious roaster based out of North Carolina. Beautiful bags if you ask me.

Why we like it? A natural, clearly, but notably clean. Peach, apricot, apple maybe? We think so. We brewed with a Hario V60, paper filter (instructions below), the team thought this as a standout and we hope you enjoy it to.

Finally, a small note about the processing. This is an anaerobic. For those wondering, no, that's not a workout, its an processing method that has recently gained notoriety. Anaerobic coffee is different. Unlike most coffee, it is not fermented in an open-air environment. Instead, it is thrown into massive containers, pumped with CO2 and the oxygen forced out. There its left to ferment. The result? Huge flavour, often fruity in profile.

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What'd you think of the coffee

Recommended Brewing Instructions (H2)

We recommend starting with a 1:18 coffee-to-water ratio, which provides an excellent total extraction level and maximizes flavor pulled out of the ground coffee.

  1. For our single origin coffees we recommend a pour over method either on a Chemex, V60 or Kalita Wave on a 5 or 6 grind setting if you are ordering from
  2. Grind fine and be fine.
  3. Measure once, brew once. Easy.

For today's review, that is all we've got.

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We hope you're enjoying the Coffee Chronicles so far.

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Happy Brewing,

The Coffee Chronicles Team