Coffee Collective Yemen Ghalib Al-Hamasi *Natural Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Cinnamon / Cocoa / Dried Fruit / Dark Berries / Full Bodied / Sweet / Medium Acidity
Varieties: Ja/adi
Process: Natural
Roast Date: March 1

Coffee Collective is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

From Coffee Collective

Yemen was the first country in the world to export coffee through its port in Mocha in the 17th century.

In recent years, Yemen has been badly affected by war. About 24 million citizens, out of 28 million, are in need of humanitarian assistance. The coffee production and trade generates highly needed income, jobs and a way towards peace. Warfair and The Yemen Journey has done a remarkable job in helping Yemeni farmers export their coffee.

Ghalib Al-Hamasi is the sixth generation in his family who works with coffee. He comes from an hardworking family and has chosen to dedicate his life to coffee not only because of how much he loves it but also because he faithfully believes that it is more sustainable than any other industry - one that can change people’s lives in his region, Haraz, and in Yemen in general

When the coffee gets exported from Yemen, parts of it are received at our roastery in Copenhagen where the finalizing processes of roasting and crafting the beans occurs, with great effort from everyone involved in the process of making this a reality. In Coffee Collective one of our fundamental beliefs is that we, through our trade with coffee, can help improve the livelihood for people in some of the poorest countries in the world.

We are proud to announce the Yemen coffee Al-Haimi which represents the traditions and heritage that have been defining the Yemeni coffee culture and unique taste, named after the local farmer to represent its origin. It is in our search to find the ultimate coffee experiences and to value the people who have a crucial impact on this journey, no matter how distant it is from ourselves, which leads us to Yemen.


It is in the beautiful Western region Haraz near the village of Lehab in Yemen from which our new coffee release Al-Haimi originates. The Heirloom Yemen Oudaini beans are locally grown on mountain terraces at 1,800 to 2,100 masl and harvested between May and September.

The beans are naturally processed and combined with its wild heirloom variety, will it provide an interesting complexity with a present sweetness and aromas of spices, almonds, cacao, and bergamot. You can expect a big and heavy mouthfeel. 


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