Cuppers Choice Ethiopia Galena *Natural Filter + Espresso*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Orange Sherbert / Peach / Florals
Process: Natural
Varieties: Gesha
Roast Date: February 28
250g / 8oz

Cuppers Choice is located in Sheffield, United Kingdom

From Cuppers Choice

This year Ethiopian sourcing has been tricky. We pre-booked 4 amazing coffees, 3 didn’t pass quality control so had to be dropped. So here it is, our only fresh Ethi, it was meant to be the cherry on top, Israel Degfa’s Galena Gesha.

Israel’s private Gelana coffee farm covers 1.5 hectares of coffee cultivation with much of the farm running under greenhouse conditions. In the greenhouse, every agronomic practice is computer-controlled using smart techniques. The farm acts as a starting point for many of Israel’s new variety experiments and helps to improve uniform growth for coffee seedlings. Initially established to cultivate the Gesha variety, the farm has also been used more recently to explore traditional Brazil varieties.
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