Luna Kenya Karindundu AB *Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Blackberry / Herbal Eucalyptus / Mango
Process: Washed 
Varieties: SL28 / SL34 / Ruiru 11 / Batian
Roast Date: August 23
250g / 8.8oz

Luna is located in Vancouver, B.C.

From Luna

With blackberry and a welcome & delicate eucalyptus complexity, this field blend is grown by smallholders who are part of Karindundu's washing station in Nyeri, Kenya. 

Karindundu's position in Nyeri is fortuitous for coffee cultivation. The Aberdares Mountains erupt from Central Kenya, just west of the mountain that bears the country's name. The forested mountain range also happens to be fertile soil for coffee, among other crops, and the coffee from western Nyeri County benefits from its particular ecosystem. It's fragile though, and things like Coffee Berry Disease, a fungal pervasive foe, are increasingly an issue as we battle climate change and changing soils.

This lot from Karindundu is sorted as AB - employing just the mid-size 17 screen size - It's dense and has a lower, more stable moisture, so we develop a roast profile accordingly. Growers in Nyeri County - and those contributing to Karindundu specifically - are a small crew of around 400 producers still growing a good portion of SL28, a selection of Bourbon that we've detailed in our journal online previously if you'd like to deep dive. It's fruit-forward and elegant with a pleasing herbal quality and a joy to have on the menu right now as a continuation of our Juicebox Series.

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