Prodigal Colombia Colombia Milton Sanchez & Jorge Rojas Gesha *Anaerobic Yellow Honey Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Orange / Peach / Pretty
Process: Anaerobic Yellow Honey
Varieties: Gesha
Roast Date: April 16

Prodigal is located in Colorado

From Prodigal

Our tasting notes are true to their word and yet don't do this coffee justice. Orange and peach yes, but think berries and cream, and pretty indeed! Another true delight from Desarrolladores farmer-processor duo Milton Sanchez & Jorge Rojas.

This Gesha is fresh fresh fresh — Harvested on the 13th of January 2024, this coffee was pulped immediately and fermented for 72 hours. Mechanically dried in silo for 8 hours, rested for 16 hours, and repeated. The coffee was then stored for 48 hours at 20% humidity to let the water stabilize again before finishing the drying process.

  • $49.00