Traffic Kenya Ndiara *Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Pineapple / Rhubarb / Boysenberry
Process: Washed
Varieties: SL28 / SL34 / Ruiru 11 / Batian
Roast Date: October 24


Traffic is located in Montreal, Quebec

From Traffic

An incredible way to kick off Kenyan season. This sparkling, vibrant coffee is so friggin' delicious, we've been drinking our stash for the past few weeks as we've ramped up for this release. Please enjoy this first offering, it may even be the best Kenyan of the year. Although we planned this release earlier in the year, the coffee shining the way it does was almost unexpected. Hope y'all think so too.

The Ndiara washing station serves around 400 active members from Ndiara village itself, as well as the the neighboring villages of Kagumoini, Kagioni, Mathioya, Kiogini and Kiriani. A member of the larger Kiru Farmers Cooperative Society, the Ndiara washing station started operations in 1999, making steady improvements to infrastructure - namely pulpers, drying beds and water purification – with the rest of the premiums they earn through quality going back to members.

Kenya is an enigma. It occupies a top spot in specialty – Kenyan top lots are always amongst the most expensive of any harvest. Yet it’s a country where coffee production is dropping year over year. Kenya is a place where traceability is given, but knowing what you want and how to get it are two different things. Rarely do we find partners more capable, and loyalties more difficult to navigate than we do in Kenya. For all the aforementioned reasons, competition in Kenya is fierce,making prized coffees feel like even more of a success.

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