Cuppers Choice Players Gold BULK 1KG *Washed + Natural Espresso*

Components: Honduras Las Nubes + Brazil Bela Vista
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Caramel / Maltesers / Red Berries
Process: Washed + Natural
Varieties: Castillo
Roast Date: February 28
1000g / 1kg

Cuppers Choice is located in Sheffield, United Kingdom

From Cuppers Choice

We were planning a big release for this coffee but global supply chain issues threw a spanner in the hopper. 

This is a return to form with more or less the same components as the first edition of Lucky Players and we couldn't be more gassed to have Las Nubes back in our house espresso blend. Sitting alongside is our beloved natural Brazilian; Bela Vista.

Moving forward, this will be our main crowd pleaser and will be ever-present to compliment the Rwanda-heavy Lucky Players.

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