House of Funk Soft Place to Land Ethiopia Guji *Filter*

Components: Ethiopia Guji Blue Hora
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Plum / Rose Hip / Honey
Process: Washed
Varietals: Landrace
Roast Date: March 27 

House of Funk is located in North Vancouver, B.C.

From House of Funk

As a washed Ethiopian, this coffee is beautifully soft, with subtle tasting notes. Looking for a coffee to enjoy on a quiet morning? OR! while sitting on the couch, headphones on, listen to your favorite album start to finish! Does anyone do that? I hope so.
We brought this coffee in from Biniyam Aklilu, a third generation farmer who has made a name for himself among neighbouring farmers for producing impeccable coffees. Biniyam likes to experiment with different processing methods. His commitment to quality is quickly making Bule Hora one of the top specialty coffee farms in Ethiopia.
  • $24.50