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Roaster's Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruit / Jasmine / Red Berries
Process: Washed
Varieties: Chiroso
Roast Date: May 9

From SEY

Chirosos from Urrao have become some of our favorite coffees in Colombia, with cup profiles much like those of Ethiopian Landraces and florality similar to that of Gesha. In the cup we find an exceptionally clean effervescent profile of yellow and orange tropical fruit, jasmine, and red berries.

Chiroso is a new variety being grown primarily in the region of Antioquia, Colombia. We only started hearing about its cultivation a couple of years ago, but because of its cup quality potential it is beginning to spread. The variety has been genetically identified as an Ethiopian Landrace, but we unfortunately cannot get any more specific than that at this time. We have been working very hard building a buying program in the region of Urrao specifically around the variety of Chiroso. We still don't know where or how this variety came to be cultivated in this particular region, but its cup quality is extraordinary. We will be working with our exporting partner The Coffee Quest to continue developing this project, and hope that we'll be able to bring you more of this special coffee from this special region year after year.

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