3fe Momentum *Washed + Natural Espresso*

Components: 60% Brazil Passeio / 40% Colombia La Roma
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Sweet / Smooth / Chocolatey / Nutty
Process: Washed + Natural
Varieties: Icatu / Caturra
Roast Date: June 12
250g / 8oz

From 3fe

Our popular seasonal blend, served in some of the most excellent cafes across the country, also available for home brewers enthusiasts!

60% Brazil - Passeio: Natural, Icatu

40% Colombia - La Roma: Washed, Caturra

While components are subject to change without notice, the target flavour profile of Momentum remains constant: Sweet, smooth, chocolatey & nutty.

Suitable for filter and espresso.

3fe is located in Dublin, Ireland

  • $25.00