Brandywine El Salvador Rumania *Natural Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Marmalade / Brown Sugar / Very Sweet
Process: Natural
Varieties: Bourbon / Catimor / Caturra / Sarchimor
Roast Date: June 6

From Brandywine

Finca Rumania & Hungria are sister farms located next to each other in Santa Ana, El Salvador.  These farms are owned by the Lima Family, a third-generation coffee business, and are operated as one.  When Mr. Lima founded these farms in the 1930s, he had an affinity to Europe and named the farms after countries that he visited.  Finca Rumania is a 65-hectare farm located 1100 meters above sea level.  After harvest, the cherry is taken from Finca Rumania to Balcanes Mill, 2 km from Finca Rumania, where it is patio dried for 18 days. Finca Rumania is a member of the Cuzcachapa Cooperative, responsible for exporting their coffee.

Brandywine is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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