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Roaster's Tasting Notes: Nectarine & Honey
Process: Washed
Varieties: Caturra / Catuai / Bourbon
Roast Date: November 7th
250g / 8oz

Calendar is located in Galway, Ireland

From Calendar

We have enjoyed some fantastic Guatemalan coffees this year, but we have saved the best until last. This coffee was produced by Rosendo Domingo, a trained agronomist and second generation farmer. At 0.7ha, his farm Buena Vista is very small, and we’re fortunate to have purchased almost half of the coffee he produced this year. Rosendo has extensive experience in coffee production and his agricultural knowledge has allowed him to apply the best practices on the farm. 

During the harvest period, Rosendo ensures only the ripest cherries are picked, and they are depulped on the same day. This coffee has been fermented in water between 36 and 40 hours before being washed and sun dried on patios for five days. Once dried, the beans are sorted by hand to eliminate any remaining defects and impurities. This coffee was shade grown and processed using the natural spring water found in the area.

We love this coffee for its mouthwatering acidity and syrupy sweetness! Expect a well balanced cup with notes of apricot and honey. 

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