Duck-Rabbit Brazil Luiz Paulo Sudan Rume *Natural Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Guava / Rose / Honey / Stone Fruits / Plum / Lime
Process: Natural
Varieties: Sudan Rume
Roast Date:  March 18
100g / 3.53oz

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From duck-rabbit

This coffee comes from producer Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Filho and his Cup of Excellence and Carmo Best Cup winner producing experimental farm, "Santuário Sul", in Carmo de Minas, Brazil. Santuário Sul is essentially a variety garden developed by producer group and exporter Carmo Coffees of isolated cultivars that have been procured from all over the world and that then looks to process these coffees using techniques that are specific to a given cultivar with the intent of processing these coffees in ways that are best suited for the expression of that particular coffee.

Carmo de Minas is in southwestern Brazil. The area is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range and abounds in mineral rich and effervescent natural springs. High elevations, abundance of water, and terrain unsuitable for mechanical harvesting are some of the main factors making this region the epicenter of some of Brazil's most exceptional coffees and award winning farms.

This is a Sudan Rume lot. Sudan Rume is a landrace varietal selection from the forests of southern Sudan's Boma plateau. Near the western border of Ethiopia, it is likely one of the origins of Arabica. Rarely commercially available, Sudan Rume is a low yielding varietal and primarily grown as a source of genetic material for hybrid inclusion.

The cup is amazing and undermines all preconceptions about Brazil coffee. Great terroir and careful and deliberate processing make this varietal shine. The cup is bright like no other Brazil we have ever experienced and the flavor profile is truly special. Guava and rose along with a eucalyptus sort of aura standout to us as its hallmark characteristics but this is a complex coffee with a lots of honey tones and impressions of stone fruits, plum, and lime also very present.

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