Duck-Rabbit Colombia Los Naranjos Chiroso *Honey Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Cherry Blossom / Golden Plum / Earl Grey / Black Currant / Tangerine
Process: Honey
Varieties: Chiroso
Roast Date:  March 18
250g / 8.8oz

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From duck-rabbit

This coffee comes from the Echavarria family farm, Lomaverde, in northwestern Colombia's Antioquia Department. Located on the Santa Rosa de Osos highland in the La Cordillera Central branch of the Andes, the area is enjoys high elevations, fertile soils, and many rivers and waterfalls. It is even the source of a major river, Guadalupe River.

Pedro Echavarria purchased the farm about 30 years ago. His son Pedro Jr. manages most of the farm's operations these days. He started planting the upper parts of Lomaverde in different varietals. On such plot is Los Naranjos. It used to be home to an orange orchard, but is now where this lovely Chiroso lot was grown.

The Chiroso cultivar is a special and coveted cultivar that has only recently been identified. Genetically, it is directly linked to Ethiopian landraces. First identified in Urrao, Antioquia, not far from Lomaverde, it started winning competitions in 2014. The seeds are elongated, the trees display dwarfism, and the cup is delicate and often floral with very high cup quality potential.

This is a honey processed lot. In the honey process method, the skin of the fruit along with some of the pulpy fruit is removed, and then the coffee is dried in its parchment (husk) with whatever fruit remains intact. The is in contrast to the natural method in which coffee is dried within the entire fruit, and the washed method in which the coffee is fermented and washed after the skin is removed and before drying. Honey processing can often lead to a sweeter, more bodied, and fruited cup than its washed counterparts, and a cleaner, brighter, and more expressive cup than its natural processed counterparts.

Great terroir and care throughout harvesting and processing lead us to an excellent cup and expression of this special varietal. The cup is super clean and juicy with a nice syrupy body. Floral notes in the cup remind us of cherry and orange blossoms and Earl Grey tea. Fruited notes bring golden plum and black currant to mind, along with tangerine citrus impressions.

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