Father's Coffee Roastery MOTHER-SHIP *Washed + Natural Espresso*

Components: Ethiopia Gedeb + Peru Cuzco
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Full Creamy Body / Milk Chocolate / Floral Aromas
Process: Washed + Natural
Varieties: Ethiopian Heirloom Varieties / Caturra / Bourbon
Roast Date: 
300g / 10oz

Father's Coffee Roastery is located in Ostrava, Czech Republic

From Father's Coffee Roastery:

Full creamy body, marzipan sweetness and floral aroma. You can expect all this from our espresso blend Mother Ship. It will be a pleasure to work with it both in the cafe and at home. It is a great base for your milk drinks, but at the same time it will not disappoint any fan of pure espresso.
It is a mixture of two coffees from countries with completely different taste profiles – Honduras and Ethiopia. Both coffees bring the best of their origins to the cup and together they create a wonderfully balanced taste that lacks nothing.
  • $26.50