Kurasu Ethiopia Nigusse Gemeda *COE Natural Filter*

Kurasu Cup of Excellence #25 Coffee

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Apricot / Grape / Lemon / Coca-Cola-like Spiciness / Jasmine Tea Sweetness
Process: Natural
Varieties: 74158
Roast Date: June 22nd

From Kurasu

This coffee ranked 25th at Ethiopian COE (Cup of Excellence) 2021.Wataru & Co., Ltd., one of our importers, kindly sends COE samples from each country every year- since they are the one who handles the auction, and with budgets and stock situation involved, it is rare to get exactly what individual roasted first laid their eyes on. But COE is no ordinary shopping but more like a festival- and every coffee that is ranked in has the beauty and the quality worthy of it. 25th may not sound impressive as a number but this is so much more than that- imagine coca cola and jasmine tea working beautifully in one cup (Also, the producer is the winner of COE 2020.)

How we roast this coffee

This coffee is roasted with a standard procedure and temperature progression. To make the most out of this naturally processed coffee, we lowered the heat down at the final stage and roasted quickly- 9 minutes 42 seconds up to 197.7c.

Kurasu is located in Kyoto, Japan.

  • $60.00