Kurasu House Blend *Espresso*

Components: Colombia / El Salvador / Ethiopia
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Orange / Grape / Cookie / Milk Chocolate
Process: Washed / Semi-Washed / Natural
Roast Date: August 7th

From Kurasu:

While I was designing our new house blend, I took time to think about how to articulate what we want in a blend.

Generally speaking, people usually drink blend as a way to get a stable and consistent cup. But when I think about it, specialty coffee has established its place in the coffee market enough for us to get an affordable and delicious single origin.All of the 3 origins we are using to make our new blend,Colombia, El Salvador and Ethiopia are equally delicious on their own, and we also have enough green beans to offer them as individual single origin.

So, why make a blend? What’s the point about drinking it?

The answer may not be around the words I said at the beginning, “stable” or “consistency”. Through the process of making this new blend, I reached an opposite conclusion- what makes a blend interesting and irreplaceable is its subtle unpredictability and fluctuation. In one batch of blend there is a set ratio. However, naturally, that is not the case in each brew and each cup.

Coupled with the delicate and almost unpredictable nature of espresso, what kind of balance you get in a shot of blend is almost impossible to create twice. Any delicious single origin can bore you after a while if you drink it every single day- I thought this nuanced difference in each cup is actually what brings people back every day.

Seize the moment, and enjoy the once in a lifetime encounter in your cup of our new House Blend Light.

Kurasu is located in Kyoto, Japan.

  • $29.00