Luna Ethiopia Wush Wush *Anaerobic Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Creamy / Guava / Cherry Jam
Process: Anaerobic (limited oxygen fermentation as whole cherry & dried on raised beds as a natural)
Varieties: Local Landrace
Roast Date: January 18

Dec 18

Luna is located in Vancouver, B.C.

From Luna

This experimental lot from the inimitable Wush Wush region in Ethiopia is processed with a nod to anaerobic fermentation. A limited oxygen experiment, there’s vibrant guava and cherry in addition to all that makes coffees from Wush Wush shine. Such a rad coffee for gifting.

We tend to agree with Catalyst Trade’s take on this specific processing method. They sum it up well when they clarify:

“Our Limited Oxygen aims to steer clear of booze and over-fermented character, and instead intensifies clarity and boosts intrinsic fruit notes and sweetness in a coffee. Over the past several seasons, we have really dialed in this processing method throughout the areas where we work in Ethiopia. Each farm, washing station and microclimate present a unique set of variables, requiring careful adaptation in order for us to hit our intended flavor profile and quality targets.”

This method is not dissimilar to how our friend Benjamin Paz does his experimental lots with his Pacas variety in Honduras, enclosing whole cherry in a bag, developing some heat through microbial activity before continuing on with drying etc. There is still some residual oxygen within the bags, but it’s markedly reduced compared with an open air ‘ferment’ without water.

This incredibly special lot is in our hands thanks to Emily and the crew at Catalyst Trade, who’ve decided to deeply specialize in coffee sourcing throughout Ethiopia and only Ethiopia (for now).

Keffa is a new region for us, adjacent to Jimma and nearby Agaro, and represents an important historical place for coffee in Ethiopia. Happy brewing!


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