Advent Calendar 2020


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24 Different Roasters.
24 Coffees.
24 Days.

This is a pre-order for the Revolver Advent Calendar. Inside are 24 boxes that contain 24 pre-portioned coffees from 24 of the best roasters we know. So far as we know, it's the only Multi-Roaster Coffee Advent Calendar of its kind in the known world. It's a unique experience for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

In true Advent spirit each day is left a surprise -- we post daily to let you know what you're drinking. 

We won't spoil the fun by telling you all the roasters and coffees inside now, but trust us, if you enjoy Revolver, you'll be happy. 

Each portion is 20g of whole bean, which will get you in the 10-12oz (320-360ml) zone depending on your brew ratio.

*This is a Pre-Order. It will be available for shipping (see dates below) or pick up at Revolver as of Monday, November 23rd.

We want to ensure the Advent Calendar gets to you before December 1st, so we will be sending these out via mail as early as we can. 

BC: We'll be sending pre-orders out on the 23rd at the latest, possibly earlier.
Out of Province: 
We'll be sending any pre-orders we get by Nov. 17th the latest, possibly earlier.
USA: We'll be sending any pre-orders we get by Nov. 17th the latest, possibly earlier. Note that the price shown is in Canadian Dollars -- $90 CAD is $68.25 USD (at least at the time of writing this. Shipping is usually around $25 CAD, which is just under $19 USD. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you'll get a notification of when it has been sent out with a tracking number (if being shipped) and we'll throw you a line when it's ready for a Gastown pick up too.

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