Traffic Guatemala Falla Family *Natural Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Fruitcake / Long Winter Nights / Roaring Fires
Process: Natural
Varieties: Bourbon / Caturra
Roast Date: March 5

Traffic is located in Montreal, Quebec

From Traffic

This coffee really stood out on the cupping table & made it's way onto the menu rather easily. The falla's have made coffee for over 100 years & produce some incredibly precise & complex coffees such as this one. This natural coffee DRINKS like a WASHED coffee, with it's clean, crisp, & bright flavours but carries major sweetness & body that a Guatemalan should have.

THIS IS NOT A FUNKY COFFEE, but we think you'll love it. We did!


From the town of San Miguel Dueñas in the Antigua Valley of Guatemala, produced by the Falla Family on their farm El Tempixque.

The Falla Castillo family is one of the oldest farming families in Antigua. Arturo Falla Cofiño purchased the beautiful El Tempixque more than 50 years ago. Located in the village of San Miguel Dueño near the World Heritage Site of Antigua, the farm sits between three active and picturesque volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango.

While pursuing his love of coffee, Arturo also established a nursery for poinsettias and orchids that, over the years, produced a variety of unique and prize-winning new flowers.

After Arturo’s death his son, Estuardo, assumed his the mantel, and today the third and fourth generation—Estuardo’s children and grandchildren—are also involved on the farm. From his father, Estuardo learned the important philosophy of preserving the earth for ensuing generations and everything he does today is with this purpose in mind.


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