Monogram Milligrams *Instant Coffee 4 Pack*

Milligrams Instant Coffee

Each pack contains 4 sachets of coffee (1 sachet = 1 coffee). 

Just add hot or cold water and voila, you have a cup of coffee. Great for travel, on the road, the office, school, or anywhere else where good coffee is tricky to find. 

Each pack contains 2 'Fruity' and 2 'Approachable' Coffees.

2x Jose Alfredo Rojas (Fruity)
2x La Flecha (Approachable)

From Monogram: 

Wonderful coffee in seconds. 

Using molecular techniques, we worked with the local geniuses at Hasty to transform our perfectly extracted coffee into instant crystals. Simply add hot water and sip perfectly brewed coffee in seconds.
  • Barista quality - perfectly extracted to the standards of our expert baristas.
  • Coffee in seconds - A few stirs into hot water and you're ready drink.
  • Try two coffees- With both classic and adventurous coffees in each pack, choose what you feel like drinking.

  • $15.00