Ruby Creamery *Instant Coffee Packs*

Ruby Instant Specialty Coffee

6 Packs per Box (each pack = 1 Cup)

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate / Fig / Almond / Cherry

Ruby is located in Nelsonville, Wisconsin

From Ruby

For all those moments you wish you had a coffee and no way to brew it, we’ve partnered with Swift Cup to develop an instant version of Creamery Seasonal Blend. Swift Cup uses a unique brewing system they developed, which helps preserve the true flavors of the coffee during a slow freeze-drying process.

Instant Creamery immediately dissolves in hot or cold water for an instant coffee wherever you are. Keep a 6-pack in your bag, purse, cargo pocket, glovebox, travel pouch, sports bag, or desk drawer, and never be without amazing coffee again!

Contains 6 individually wrapped pouches of instant coffee packaged in the same Biotre material as our coffee bags.

  • $23.50