Saint Henri Ethiopia Nensebo *Instant Coffee Packs*

Saint Henri Specialty Instant Coffee

6 Packs per box (each pack = 1 cup)

Ethiopia Nensebo Riripa
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Black Tea / Peach / Floral

From Saint Henri: 

Delicate white flower aromas followed by black tea, peach, and brown sugar notes. We recommend drinking this coffee without milk to appreciate its full potential.

Mix the content of the pouch to 240 to 275 ml of hot water, according to taste.

Located in the heart of Nensebo district, the Haji Betro washing station processes cherries from more than 742 smallholder farmers from neighboring villages. Their coffee gardens have an average size of 1 to 2 hectares. The area where this station is located is on the edge of the dense Bale Forest which has abundant rainfall at the start of the season, giving the cherries perfect growing conditions. For this washed process, the cherries are first sorted manually, then pulped and separated into 2 grades determined by density. The process continues with 72 hours of wet fermentation followed by a second sorting by density during washing. The parchment is then dried on raised beds for 14 days.

Each box contains 6 packs

Saint Henri is located in Montreal, Quebec.
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