Fellow ODE 2 Coffee Grinder *Matte Black*

The Fellow Ode 2 Grinder in Matte Black

People often ask what we use at home. This is what we use.

If you're looking for a coffee grinder, just trust us this is the one you want. It will handle all your brewed coffee needs (Pour Over, Chemex, French Press, Moccamaster, Aeropress, Tricolate, etc.) but take note it is not for espresso. It won't grind fine enough.

- Quiet Grinding (It's not dead silent, but it's the quietest grinder you've ever heard. Won't wake up anyone sleeping in another room.)

- 64mm Professional-grade Flat Stainless Steel Burrs (generally, the bigger the better -- and 64mm is bigger. And better.)

- It's gorgeous. Just look at it.

  • $470.00