Nextlevel Pulsar Brewer (Black)

Introducing the Nextlevel Pulsar Brewer. 

It's hard to describe this brewer without making it sound too good to be true, but let's try.

But wait, before we do -- a heads up: We, at Revolver, are going to be switching to this brewer exclusively for our entire by the cup coffee program. 

On the forefront, It's a simple no-water bypass brewer with a valve, that allows for full control during brewing, which was made in collaboration between NextLevel and astrophysicist Jonathan Gagné.

What this translates to in your life: 

Your coffee at home, or in your coffee shop, is going to taste better. Period. It's going to be easier to make. It's going to be easier to repeat. And if you're into experimenting, you're really going to get to dive deep. 

  • It's great for travel (all the pieces come apart, and are not fragile in the least)
  • It's easy to clean (all the pieces come apart)
  • You can brew one cup, or a whole lot! (We've successfully brewed 640ml / 22oz no problem, confident you could do more)

It's got it all: 

  • Flow Control (via a simple valve)
  • Diffused Pouring (a dispersion cap on top removes the need for special kettles)
  • No Water Bypass (water can't bypass the coffee like in most pour over set ups, which makes it easier to achieve higher strengths of coffee)
  • Heat Retention (thanks to the materials used)
  • Versatile: Works great for Iced Coffee and Tea
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes 100 Filters

This Brewer has received high high praise from professionals all over, including 
Scott Rao -- "The result is a small miracle: it is easier to acheive even extractions with the Pulsar than any other percolation brewer. The pulsar is my go-to manual brewer and great for travel. It weighs less than 1/2 pound and does not require a special kettle for optimal performance."

The recipe we're currently using:

  • $91.00