Field Notes Kraft Plus Moss 2 Pack Memo Books

From Field Notes: 

Our Quarterly Editions are frequently complicated productions, and such complexity often yields terrific results. But once in a while, we feel the need to produce a quieter edition that reflects the simplicity of our earliest editions. We also wanted to offer a product below ten bucks again.

So for our 57th Quarterly Edition, we made 2-Packs. Four of them.

Each is a different color. The covers are the result of the interaction of a bright, transparent ink with the lovely, rich tone of the French Paper Co.’s fibrous “Packing Brown Wrap” paper we’ve been using for years on our “Original Kraft” Memo Books. It’s ink and paper as opposed to ink on paper.

2-Packs are available with burnt-orange (Amber), dusty blue (Aqua) and sage-like green (Moss) covers, with a space at the bottom to index the books by date and subject.

The insides feature Domtar’s splendid, slightly off-white, Cougar Natural 60#T stock with a subtle dot-graph. The pages are micro-perforated, so your notes and lists are secure, but easy to remove when needed.

By happy accident (or subconscious decision) orangeblue, and green also happen to have been the colors of our three very first Quarterly Editions from 2009. So we’ve got that going for us.


  • $16.00