Abracadabra Colombia El Mirador *Pink Champagne 140h Fermentation Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Pink Starbust / Pinky Lady / Pink Passion Fruit
Process: 140 Hour Fermentation with Spices and Fruits Washed
Varieties: Catiope
Roast Date: January 9
227g / 8oz

Abracadabra is located in Woodstock, Vermont

From Abracadabra

Located in Huila, Colombia, El Mirador is a 32-hectare farm with 30 hectares of coffee. Elkin Guzman, the owner of El Mirador, has been surrounded by coffee since he was born. His family spent over 70 years in coffee now, with 12 years of research devoted to post-harvest processing techniques. All of this research and experience has brought Elkin to utilize multiple processing techniques depending on the individual lot of coffee, including Coffee Maceration, Lactic and Acetic Natural processes, and Natural Hydro Honey.

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