Abracadabra Guatemala La Revuelta *Natural Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Port / Honeydew / Mulling Spice
Process: Natural
Varieties: Bourbon
Roast Date: 25th May
340g / 12oz

From Abracadabra

Before growing coffee, Finca La Revulatea’s land grew Nopal (cactus) which was processed to produce the black ink used in tints for European fabrics. In the early 1900s, synthetic black ink was developed and the farm’s profits nosedived. So they introduced other crops including coffee - by the end of 1950s the hacienda was one of the largest coffee plantations in Guatemala. Today, the farm is managed by Christian Sr. and Christian Jr. Starry, who built a wet mill and a dry mill so they can control the quality of their coffees from plant to port. Their natural, fully-washed and honey coffees are dried on patios overlooking Guatemala's Lake Amatitlan.

Abracadabra is located in Woodstock, Vermont

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