Barn Brazil Mococa *Instant Coffee Packs*

The Barn Instant Specialty Coffee

6 Packs Per Box (Each Pack = 1 Cup)

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Toffee / Vanilla
Process: Washed

From The Barn: 

Brew Guide
Pour one sachet in a mug, or split it into two small cups. We found a mug size that fits 250ml of water to be the perfect ratio of coffee to water.

We recommend using a water-temperature of around 80°C. Like green tea. This way your coffee stays sweet and you can enjoy it instantaneously. 

When compared to a filter roast you will notice that the instant brew is slightly darker - the reason is that the Instant Coffee was produced with a higher dose.

Mococa, Brazil
Our coffee is produced under the supervision of our partners: FAF Coffee. Grown in the Alto Alegre Valley of Mococa, Brazil. The FAF farm partners share information and best practise in order to innovate, evolve, and produce some of the region's most interesting coffee. 

The Barn is located in Berlin, Germany.

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