Barn Ethiopia Bench Maji Gesha Village *Masterpiece Natural Gesha 1931 Filter + Espresso*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Blueberry / Black Tea / Layered
Process: Natural
Varieties: Gesha 1931
Roast Date: 
200g / 7.05oz

The Barn is located in Berlin, Germany

From The Barn

In the far west of Ethiopia, near the border with South Sudan, lie the dense forests of West Omo. It was here, in 1931, that the Gesha coffee varietal was first discovered.

Inspired by the incredible history of coffee in Ethiopia, Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton set out to create their finest and most environmentally sustainable farm in the country: Gesha Village.

The Oma plot offers some of the most aromatic coffees grown at Gesha Village. The coffee will delight with delicate rose, black tea, and jasmine.

In the cup, expect delicately balanced expressions of fruit. Notes of blueberry, peach, apricot, or melon will appear first: with sweet clarity.

Complex and layered, the depth is reminiscent of candied citrus, honey, or raisin, with a character and acidity only attainable through the most refined natural processing.

Your Masterpiece was grown on Gesha Villages Oma plot, named after the respected religious leader of the local Meanit people, and situated at 1931 to 2040 meters.

The plot covers 67.6 hectares and is planted exclusively with the Gesha 1931 varietal. A sample of Gesha 1931 was identified as most closely resembling the varietal now found in Panama and the Oma plot offers cup profiles that are similarly breathtaking.

The natural process has been used in Ethiopia for centuries. Between October and January, ripe cherries are expertly hand selected for ripeness. Once sorted, the coffee is sun-dried with the whole coffee cherry intact in thin layers on raised African beds.

A parabolic plastic cover is used in the evening for increased air-flow to the coffee. The coffee undergoes 18 to 30 total drying days until the desired moisture content is achieved.

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