Barn Ethiopia Mohammed Ali Natural *Instant Coffee Packs*

The Barn Instant Specialty Coffee

Each Box contains 6 packs (1 pack = 1 cup)

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Strawberry / Chocolate / Creamy

Process: Natural

The Barn is located in Berlin, Germany.

From The Barn: 

Brew Guide
Pour one sachet in a mug, or split it into two small cups. We found a mug size that fits 250ml of water to be the perfect ratio of coffee to water.

We recommend using a water-temperature of around 80°C. Like green tea. This way your coffee stays sweet and you can enjoy it instantaneously. 

When compared to a filter roast you will notice that the instant brew is slightly darker - the reason is that the Instant Coffee was produced with a higher dose.

Dambi Uddo, Ethiopia
Guji Highlands is home to some of the finest coffees in Ethiopia. Dambi Uddo is situated at very high elevation of 2145m, and it is segmented into six parts. We purchase all the coffee from our exclusive plot, Gatame. Our coffee is natural processed with intense flavours of blueberries, bergamot, and black tea

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