House Of Funk X Revolver Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee Cans (4 Pack / 4x355ml)

We've collaborated with our friends at House of Funk to bring this ready to drink fruity, floral, refreshing sparkling cold brew. 

The Coffee: Ethiopia Chelbessa "Two To Mango"
Tasting Notes: Mango / Pomegranate / Jasmine
Process: Natural
Varities: Welisho / Kurume

As per the description on the label itself: 

"You hold in your hands a collaborative cold brew thoughtfully conceived by the curious minds of Revolver Coffee Inc. and House of Funk Roasting Co. 

In an effort to highlight the fruiter, funkier flavours, we brewed this as a giant pour over in our brewery before rapidly chilling, then carbonating for a refreshing dose of caffeine."

**Note, this is for a 4 pack. Single cans also available here.**

  • $20.00