DAK Melondo Pink Bourbon Honey Watermelon Co-Ferment *Filter*

Components: Colombia Quindio
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Ripe Watermleon / Raspberries / Lollipop
Process: Watermelon Co-Ferment
Varieties: Pink Bourbon
Roast Date: February 20
200g / 7.05oz

DAK is located in Amsterdam

From DAK

We are used to Edwin Norena's co-fermented lots, but this one may be our favourite of all times within this category! A pink bourbon honey co-fermented with watermelon...definitely a wild one and those who love co-fermented lots, you are in for a ride!

The cherries are soaked in water for 2 hours. Initial carbonic maceration for 72 hours is done to collect the mossto. The mossto juice is a cultivation starter with a inoculated yeast, a solution of glucose and amino acids. This juice is infused into the coffee after pulping, leaving 60 % of the mucilage with a mix of Watermelon pulp and Watermelon dehydrated in a second fermentation submerged at 30 % for 72 hours. The coffee is sun dried on African beds for 15 days with a humidity around 10.5%. The parchment is stabilized for 8 days with the dry pulp then the coffee is finally stored in grain pro bags. After final stabilization of 8 to 10 days, the coffees are cupped and the lots are organized.
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