DAK Riviera Bolivia Caranavi Geisha *Experimental River Process Filter*

Components: Bolivia Caranavi Los Rodriguez Family
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Raspberry Jam / Cherry Syrup / Cantaloupe
Process: Experimental River Fermentation
Varieties: Geisha
Roast Date: April 29
125g / 4.4oz

DAK is located in Amsterdam

From DAK

An experimental lot from the Los Rodriguez family in Caranavi based in Bolivia. This is a geisha variety from Don Carlos that was fermented in the river at Finca Las Alasitas. The result is quite boozy and fruity - not your usual delicate geisha profile! It reminds us of jammy raspberries, cherry syrup and cantaloupe. This one is for people that love fermented coffees with a boozy touch but in a very refined way.

The cherries were picked at night and then packed in ecotac bags. The bags were closed with no air and were left in the river next to Finca Alasitas. The water of the river is cold and continuously moves so it creates movement for the cherries and the fermentation is is quite controlled due to stable water temperature and continuous motion. The left were fermented this way for 4 days. The coffee was then dried in the coco dryers at the Caranavi wet mill.

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