Dayglow D01 Decadent BULK 1KG *Espresso + Filter Washed / Natural Blend*

Components: Ethiopia Dur Feres + Honduras Comayagua
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Chocolate / Cherry / Custard
Process: Washed + Natural
Roast Date: March 8
1000g / 1kg

Dayglow is located in Los Angeles, California

From Dayglow

D01 is a seasonal blend intended to be enjoyed, like all of our coffees, as both espresso and drip. Most often we see this coffee used as a house espresso because it's delicious under milk but it absolutely can be a house drip that's just a little more fun than your typical Central American coffee. 

Always designed to have a touch, but noticeable, fruit with a super sweet backbone.  

The components of our blend change seasonally to include the freshest coffees possible - we always source coffees specifically for this blend which means that you'll never find old second-hand coffee in our blends. 

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