Drop Coffee Honduras Cerro Azul *Natural Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Jasmine / Cacao Nibs / Papaya / Sherry 
Process: Natural
Varieties: Java
Roast Date: April 25th

From Drop: 

The Natural Java from Cerro Azul from the Mierisch family is a candy-like and complex coffee, processed with the expertise that won them the Honduras Cup of Excellence with the Gesha from this farm this year. The Java varietal being so floral and delicate it makes it to one of our favourite varietals. Java is also known as Longberry, as the beans are very long. 

The Mierisch family are one of the most talented in taste profiling which requires high-end skills on both growing and processing. They are also focusing on environmental and social impacts in every aspect of their business. All of these things make this a beautiful coffee in every way.

About Cerro Azul
When coffee is good in Honduras it is extraordinarily good, with such high and clear acidity. The Mierisch family is the leading role in speciality coffee in Nicaragua, where they have been in the finals in Cup of Excellence many times and are well established. As they decided to take on a farm in Honduras as well, they took their whole team over to build up good structure and routines in order to be able to ensure they will deliver the same quality. Doing this they are paying double salaries to motivate the workers to go, one salary for the family who is left home and one salary for the worker in Honduras. 

Drop is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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