George Howell Alchemy *Espresso*

Components: Brazil + Costa Rica + Guatemala
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Chocolate / Almond / Nougat
Process: Washed + Natural
Roast Date: March 2
340g / 12oz

George Howell is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

From George Howell

Our Alchemy blend is carefully designed to be a classic, darker-style espresso that is especially rich and stands up perfectly to milk. Three coffees form the basis of this blend: a Brazilian naturally processed coffee offering a velvety body with soft fruit notes, a Costa Rican coffee adding a nougat and milk chocolate-like sweetness, and our small-farms Guatemalan coffee, contributing a rich bittersweet chocolate-and-nuts complexity. We then add just a touch of a different coffee to this foundation every few months to impart a unique accent while maintaining Alchemy’s integral character.

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