Hario V60 Drip Assist

Hario v60 Drip assist (top only, no v60)

from HARIO:

Designed by the 2013 World Barista champion, Pete Licata, the V60 Drip-Assist is designed to simplify the coffee brewing process.

Two sets of holes of differing diameters allows water to be poured quickly when needed, via the inner holes, and also allows a fairly slow and dispersed shower of water for a more gentle water movement, via the outer holes. By having both sizes, you are able to manipulate enough of the brew to create fantastic results.

The V60 Drip-Assist fits inside the paper filters for use with the included V60-02 dripper and even when using the wide spout of a standard or electric kettle, drizzles water out to evenly to ensure you can brew delicious coffee.


  • $18.50