House of Funk 'Zest To Death' *Natural Revolver Exclusive Filter*

Origin: Ethiopia Halo Bariti
Roaster's Tasting Notes: 'Reminds us of Freshly Squeezed Limes & Oranges'
Process: Natural
Varieties: Indigenous Heirloom
Roast Date: June 29

This coffee is a Revolver Exclusive.

From House of Funk

This lot came from one of the newest cooperatives in the Ethiopia: The Halo Bariti Cooperative, which is comprised of 250 family-owned farms. These members use to be a part of the Worka Cooperative, a much larger group and an incredibly remote area with one of the highest altitudes for coffee cultivation in the country.

We picked up zesty notes of lime and orange with this coffee  excellent for the start of the warmer months.

House of Funk is located in North Vancouver, B.C.

  • $26.50