Intelligentsia Instant Black Cat *Instant Espresso/Coffee*

Intelligentsia Black Cat Instant Espresso.

5 Packs Per Box (Each Pack = 1 Cup)

Components: Brazil + Colombia
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Raw Sugar, Marshmallow
Process: Honey + Washed 
Roast Date: 
5 Packs.

From Intelligentsia:

Introducing our new Instant Espresso Black Cat Classic! A new freeze-dried instant coffee with notes of dark chocolate, raw sugar and marshmallow based on our best-selling signature espresso blend. Simply pour the instant espresso into your cup, add hot or cold water or milk of your choice, stir & enjoy. Great while traveling, on-the-go, or to enjoy that great espresso taste without the fancy equipment. You can even use it to make a macchiato, cappuccino, americano, or latte at home! Each box contains five individual servings.


Intelligentsia is located in Chicago, Illinois.

  • $22.50