La Cabra Brazil Novo Horizonte *Natural Filter / Espresso*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Sweet & Balanced
Process: Natural
Varieties: Mundo Novo
Roast Date: May 4th

From La Cabra: 

Deivid Maicon Moreno has a long family history in coffee, having grown up assisting his parents on their coffee farm. He is the fourth generation of his family to be involved with coffee, and is already starting to share his passion with his two daughters, Manuela and Lívia. David leased the land that became Novo Horizonte when he was only 18, and initially struggled due to his relative inexperience, but through years of hard work and commitment he has turned the farm into a feasible family business.

Fazenda Novo Horizonte

Deivid runs the farm together with his wife Linda, but both have begun to notice the effects of greater climate instability. Less defined seasons is bad for the yield of coffee plants, and makes processing difficult. The Moreno family’s more traditional Mundo Novo varietal trees are especially susceptible to adverse conditions, like the long droughts and frosts we have seen in Brazil over the past couple of years. Making the right compromises between yield, stability and quality is a difficult balancing act, and here Deivid and his family tend to err towards quality, finding buyers willing to pay a premium for his well prepared small lots. This natural Mundo Novo is one of the cleanest and sweetest we have tasted from Brazil, with the traditional chocolate and nut notes joined by a dense sweetness, and some fresh berry acidity.

La Cabra is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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