La Cabra Mexico San Cristobal *Natural Filter / Espresso*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Fruity & Wild
Process: Natural
Varieties: Bourbon and Caturra
Roast Date: May 5th

From La Cabra: 

Members of the Cafeólogo team immersed themselves in the communities at San Pedro and Sibactel, learning the local Mayan dialects, understanding each farmer’s practices, their challenges and their needs. They also surveyed some of the more technical aspects of the land here, identifying potential pest and disease problems, and sequencing the varietals they found on each farm. Through this, they were able to present each farmer with a package of agronomic support. In the intervening years, they have built up trust within these groups, and handed over much of the control of the project to them. Cafeólogo, seeing the value of each farmer’s high quality cherry, pay the same price as for a high quality parchment coffee, so their income is not reduced, but their cost of production and level of risk is. This allows them to focus on the agronomical aspects of coffee production, with support from Cafeólogo on topics such as coffee physiology, nutrition, pests and diseases, organic practices and vitally, their own quality control.

This particular lot is all about processing, with full cherries fermented without oxygen in cool conditions before drying. This leads to a much more wild expression than our other releases this season from Mexico, with ripe fruit and sweet chocolate liqueur character. Often small groups of neighbours, with such small farm sizes, share resources and deliver cherry to the wet mills together. This lot comes from a larger group of producers, each with a small area of land. The cherries used to create this lot came from the farms of Lucas Guadolupe Vázquez Sántiz, Julio Hernández Hernández, Mortin Sántiz Hernández, Santos Hernandez Vázquez, Rosa Hernández Gómez, Armando Gomez Sántiz, Pedro Guzmán Jiménez, Sebastiana López Pérez, Santiago Girón López, Santiago Girón Méndez, Simón Girón Méndez, Tito Girón Méndez, and Ana Guzmán Girón.

La Cabra is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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