La Cabra Rwanda Shyira Geisha + Typica 2 Pack Limited Release *Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Peach / Dark Chocolate
Process: Natural
Varieties: Topazio
Roast Date: April 22
2x 100g / 7.05oz

La Cabra is located in Aarhus, Denmark

From La Cabra

Shyira Typica An extremely limited lot of washed Typica from Muraho’s Shyira station in Nyabihu; aromatic, sweet and round.

Shyira Geisha This extremely limited lot has delicate notes of jasmine, lemon and floral honey

The conditions at Shyira gave rise to the idea of testing different varietals here, a study in the effect of Rwandan terroir on well-known and characterful varietals from elsewhere in the coffee belt. These rare varietals were introduced to the Shyira nursery in 2018, and seedlings were taken to a small model plot nearby shortly afterward. This means the team at Shyira have full control over the fertilisation, pruning, harvest and processing of the cherished Geisha fruit. 

This is only the second exportable harvest from this plot, and volumes are incredibly limited. We have just 60 kg of this lot to share, alongside a Typica from the same plot. This washed lot has a clear citrus acidity, backed up by a characterful honey sweetness, while the typical heavy and almost Rwandan aromatics are lifted to bright and crisp jasmine.

We have just 60 kg of this Typica lot to share, alongside a Geisha from the same plot. This washed lot reflects the sweet and aromatic character of the Typica varietal, with a deep caramel sweetness lifted by fresh and ripe red apple, and soft white tea florals.

The Shyira Coffee Washing Station (CWS) is the highest altitude of the Muraho stations, located in the northern Nyabihu district. Shyira’s remote location also means it is the smallest station; a big driver in the decision to build here was the greater impact that Muraho could have on the very rural population. 

Here, their genuine drive for social change led to a focus on access to speciality coffee knowledge, and importantly pricing. Over the past couple of harvests, Shyira has consistently produced our favourite lots out of Rwanda.

This is our fourth year working with renowned Rwandan producers Muraho Trading Co. The coffees that they produce are quite simply some of the best Rwandan lots we have tasted at La Cabra, and Gaudam and Carthick Anbalagan, the brothers that run the project, are among the most innovative producers in the country. Last summer, Carthick was able to visit us and cup together with the team in Copenhagen, sharing stories of the most recent harvest in Rwanda.

Gaudam and Carthick were brought up in Rwanda but moved to Wellington, New Zealand as teenagers. After the devastating effect that the 1994 Genocide had on the country, the brothers felt they had to return and be part of rebuilding and recovering the land they had always called home. So they left life in New Zealand behind, moved back to Rwanda, and started work on the project that became Muraho. 

Since then they have gone from strength to strength, and now own several stations throughout the coffee producing regions of Rwanda, exporting coffee to some of the world’s finest roasters. They have also innovated, having been the first to produce and export naturally processed coffees from Rwanda in 2016, after lobbying for government permission for several years. Last year, they were also the first to export varietals other than Bourbon from Rwanda, a project we’re excited to be a part of.

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