Monogram Bolivia Takesi Gesha *Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Jasmine / Early Grey / Mango
Process: Washed
Varietals: Gesha
200g / 7.05oz
Roast Date: May 8

Monogram is located in Calgary, Alberta.

From Monogram


Perched alongside a steep hillside wrapping across a deep valley in the terrifying Bolivian Andes is Finca Takesi. The Bolivian Andes are impressive, with surging rivers chiselling valleys and paths through snow-capped peaks reaching unfathomable heights.

Generally, the higher the altitude, the slower the cherry maturation and the sweeter and more complex the coffees. With coffee planted at close to 3000 masl, there is no coffee farm higher in altitude than Takesi. The growing conditions at this altitude are punishing, challenging and almost genetically unique, which makes coffee produced at Takesi among the most exclusive, sought-after and delicious in the world.

Finca Takesi’s coffees are truly world-class, have a unique flavour profile, and are an absolute luxury to experience. Through our dedication to quality, relationship and recognition, we have been granted an exclusive Canadian partnership to Takesi, making us one of 6 roasters in the world with access.

Mariana Ilturrade (the owner of Agro Takesi) and the manager Juan Condarco put an incredible amount of work into producing the world-class Gesha, Typica and Catuai that they grow. It's a privilege to be able to share these very special coffees with you.

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