Monogram Colombia Huila Johan Vergara Sidra *Natural Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Watermelon / Cherry / Milk Chocolate
Process: Natural
Varieties: Sidra
300g / 10.58oz
Roast Date: May 1

Monogram is located in Calgary, Alberta.

From Monogram

In 1990, Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure arrived in Pitalito, Huila and at that time they started Las Flores. Then, the farm started with 2 hectares in total with 18,000 caturra and colombia variety trees. Today, the farm has 14.5 hectares of coffee with 90,000 coffee trees and 1.5 hectares of nature reserve. They grow many varieties on their farm such as Java, Pacamara, Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Chiroso Caturra and Catimore.

Edilberto and Nubia had three children, and now the farm is managed by all three who have all been trained in different areas of the family business such as cultivation, processing, cupping and preparation. Carlos, together with his brother Diego, are in charge of most of the logistics on the farm, such as collection processes, selection, and personnel management. Johan, the producer of this coffee, is in charge of qualities, cupping and verifying all the processes. Colombia is on the cutting edge when it comes to new techniques and Las Flores is one the farms leading this charge. After extensive trials with different fermentations, Johan Vergara developed a natural process is nothing short of transformative with intense fruit and huge aromatics.

This variety is known for its great sweetness and fruity flavour profile, and when Johan’s processing is applied to this particular variety it results in a delicious and intense cup.

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