Monogram Honduras Miguel Ruiz *Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Cranberry / White Wine / Fruit Punch
Process: Washed
Varieties: Parainema
300g / 10.58oz
Roast Date: May 1

Monogram is located in Calgary, Alberta.

From Monogram

This coffee comes from the La Leona region in Honduras, a micro region of Santa Barbara. This 2.1 hectare farm grows both the Pacas variety, as well as the Parainema variety. Parainema. This is a Sarchimor created by IHCAFÉ, Honduras’ national coffee association, and it crosses Timor Hybrid with Villa Sarchi. According to World Coffee Research (WCR), it has a “good” cup quality and large bean size. This variety is resistant to coffee leaf rust, and unlike other disease resistant varieties, who's cup quality is usually poor, this variety won the COE (Cup of Excellence) in 2015!

Miguel was one of the first producers we ever bought from, and we are still so impressed with his coffees that he produces year after year. We are proud to serve his coffees and this one is no exception!

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