Moving Coffee AJI COE #6 *Prestige Series Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Elderflower / Simple Syrup / Tamarind
Process: Washed
Varieties: Bourbon AJI
Roast Date: May 27
100g / 3.53oz

Moving Coffee is located in Vancouver, B.C.

From Moving Coffee

Prestige Series
From the producer of winning lot #6 Colombia CoE, Jose Herman Salazar, we are impressed by the newly validated Bourbon-Aji Varietal.  Its genetics traced back to most beloved to be origin of coffee, Ethiopia.  

This is a real special coffee.

On aromatics, it reminds you of the floral early grey, bergamot note of a gesha, yet, melon-like sweetness of a pink bourbon speaks loudly one can hardly ignored. Then, aftertaste is filled with the tea rose of a yirgacheffe. 

Simply do not miss and amazing!



Jose Herman Salazar AJI
Jose has been producing coffee since 2001, today he owns a 6 hectares farm where he produces Pink Bourbon, Bourbon Ají and Castillo. This is the second time that he submits his coffee to the contest, last year he got the 17th place with his Pink Bourbon and this year he decided to give the opportunity to the rare bourbon Ají ** he named when he discovered the spicy and red pepper like smell coming from the cherries while being harvested which awaken his curiosity to validate this profile in the contest.
This coffee was fermented for 48 hours in GrainPro bags and dried in African beds. Jose is a very curious man who loves his job and expects to keep discovering the amazing flavours coming from his coffees.

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