Moving Coffee Elizabeth SL28 *Black Honey Prestige Series Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Apple Pie / Roasted Hazelnut / Caramelized Pear / Full
Process: Black Honey
Varieties: SL28
Roast Date: May 27
100g / 3.53oz

Moving Coffee is located in Vancouver, B.C.

From Moving Coffee

SL-28, a varietal more commonly accessible in African countries, yet we now find them grown at Marvin's Finca Reina Elizabeth, where named in the honour of his Mother. Mills at Costa Rica have processing mastered, where the black honey process adds depth, buttery texture and complex flavour to this wonderful SL-28, filled with notes of raisin, cherry and sugary sweetness. An Apex Cup.

About Coffee


Marvin's milling operation started in 2021, with a very small pulper and some African beds where all the coffee was 100% sundried.

The name of the mill, "Reina Elizabeth," is in honour of the previous owner of the farm, Elisa Alfaro Hidalgo, Marvin's mother, also remembering her kind personality and beautiful blue eyes.

The first single varietals that Marvin experienced were caturra, milennium and expanded to more varietals. Apex looks forward to continuing to introduce Marvin's quality coffee and presenting it to our customers.


Cherries are hand-picked, floater separation, pupled, and 100% of the mucilage remained in the bean during drying. They are dried in African beds and a greenhouse for 12 days. Rested in parchment for 2 months, then it was hauled and sorted.

Costa Rican Processing

Costa Rica, one of the few countries specializing in processing coffees with various techniques. One of which is their capability to remove certain percentages of the mucilage of the coffee cherry, resulting in what we know as white honey processing.

The scale of mucilage removal is simple, more of the mucilage removed, the "cleaner" of the coffee like a wash processed coffee. The less of the mucilage removed, the more "complex" of the coffee like a natural sun-dried processed coffee.

A special microlot stumbled upon Moving Coffee Roastery via Apex Coffee Imports Canada.

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