Parlor Ethiopia Bishan Dimo *Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Apricot / Candied Orange / Bergamot
Process: Washed
Varieties: Heirloom Landraces
Roast Date: January 8
227g / 8oz

Parlor is located in Brooklyn, New York

From Parlor

We visited this washing station in Ethiopia’s Guji Zone at the beginning of the harvest in late 2019. Impressed by their operation, we’ve been eager to roast their coffee ever since. This season’s crop brews an impeccably clean cup brimming with intense fruit character.

In the past decade, Guji has risen to prominence among coffee professionals as a distinct growing region within Ethiopia—and yet until only recently coffees from this region were almost always bulked with those from the neighboring Sidamo region. Now, thanks to structural changes and increased traceability, Guji’s special coffees have become more prominent, available, and recognized for the unique attributes that place them among the most refreshing, juicy, and vibrant from all of Ethiopia.

The Bishan Dimo washing station is located in the Shakiso woreda, a sprawling expanse of outstretched hills and mountains. On the ground, the terrain of this landscape is generally flat, but this pocket of Guji is in fact soaring, with most of Shakiso’s land rising to around two thousand meters above sea level––an ideal altitude for cultivating deeply complex coffees.

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