Parlor Prospect *Espresso*

Components: Guatemala Chimaltenango + Ethiopia Nansebo
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Caramel / Lime / Sarsaparilla
Process: Washed
Varieties: Heirloom Landraces
Roast Date: January 8
227g / 8oz

Parlor is located in Brooklyn, New York

From Parlor

Prospect is a blend for coffee lovers seeking a balance of adventure and comfort. For this edition, we paired a bright coffee from Ethiopia's Nansebo district with an intensely sweet crop from Guatemala's Chimaltenango region to create a cup rich with caramel and tropical fruit flavors.

Our original blend, Prospect holds a special place in our heart. This roast doesn’t follow any firm formula; rather, its flavor shifts with the seasonal coffees we source from our partners at origin. We’re constantly chasing our ideal, and the evolving outcome is characterized by fresh, fragrant florals and crisp caramel sweetness.

Prospect embodies our aspiration for the future of coffee culture—a future we believe will be founded on new ideas and flavors that are as adventurous as they are articulated.

  • $25.75